Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jo and Clement sustainability lecture

On Tuesday 2nd June our class was fortunate enough to have two students studying sustainability from the University of Waikato to talk to us about what it really is all about.

They started talking about how we can be sustainable at home and used apples to demonstrate how much of the earth we have left for farming and growing crops to feed the growing population, turns out we only have 1/32 left . They explained that "sustainability is all about preparing for the future and being able to have enough resourses for the future generation."

Next they explained that somewhere in China they are growing plants on rooftops, if everyone did this we could reduce pollution and grow more food. There are many more things we could do at home like growing our own vegies and fruit and save water while having a shower or brushing our teeth. FACT: There are 1000 closed land fills on New Zealand and only 60 open ones.

They went outside and rummaged through our classes rubbish bin we found out that 75% of our classes waste was recyclable. We learned a lot that day and I am sure everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.
"What is the point of having future leaders if we have no future to lead?"

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