Monday, May 25, 2009

Matai Islands Jobs

We have been studying our jobs on the Matai islands I am hydro electricity generator I chose this job as it is a sustainable way of creating electricity for the island. We have been given the opportunity to take 5 items on the island. I have recently finished a topic in science class on electricity so I understand the fundamentals of it all.

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Hydroelectric Power from Dams

Today, most hydroelectric power is generated from dams. Dams build up reservoirs behind them and allow for large potential energy to be developed. The reservoir water is sent through the turbines at the bottom of the dam, maximizing the energy that can be harvested from the water.

The potential power from a dam is based on the formula P = hrk, where P is the theoretical power generation, h is the maximum water height behind the dam, r is the flow rate of water into the turbines, and k is a conversion factor that takes into account system efficiency, acceleration due to gravity, and the density of the water.

I was thinking and I thought when my hydro electric plant is finished I will have barely any work so I have chosen to be a fruit farmer. This will include Growing oranges, lemons, apples and pears I could also make juice out of these. I think I will be a big part of sustainability on the island and growing food and creating electricity is going to be hard work but worthwhile.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supply and demand on the Matai Islands

People Supply and People Demand. It is how we manage this that makes markets grow and shrink, this is called Economics. When consumers (demanders) want something more than usual the suppliers have to increase their output to match what thy anticipate they will be able to sell. Companies raise and lower the prices of a product depending on how much consumers are willing to pay for it this is how companies make a profit. Producers have to monitor the "want" of the consumers when output meets input companies can make a good business, this point (shown on the graph) is called the Equilibrium point.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Matai Islands and sustainability

In class we have been studying sustainability, we have just discovered a new series of Islands called the Matai Islands we are planning to live on these islands and basically live off the land. We have also brainstormed and thought we also need to start businesses to help bring money to the island. Sprint gas racing wants to open a carting business for transport as we would not use cars because they pollute the atmosphere, but we need something to pull them so Mousewheel is going to become our international negotiator and head of trade to bring wanted items to the island and develop alliances with other nations.

These are just some of the things we plan to do but we also want Eco houses. Eco houses support themselves by having independent and sustainable power sources like wind turbines and solar panels. I have found a great idea on the Internet it requires digging into the side of a hill and building a house within the ground (pictured) and a little like the hobbits on Lord of the Rings. This would also create insulation. We would also put wind turbines around the coast of the island where it is most windy and connect them to our houses to power them. Solar panels are also part of my plans they would heat our water so we would not have to waste electricity on powering our water heater. Solar panels would be fitted on every roof of every house, I have also thought about putting a tidal power generator in the sea ( we are on an island why not ) yet I am concerned about the cost.

Anyway we will have to make a lot of money to do all that but it is all possible and in the name of sustainability. DID YOU KNOW? If everyone lived like that we would be able to live on earth for centuries longer that we are going to be able to at the rate we are going.